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Is your child struggling with reading and spelling?

Do you want to better understand dyslexia?

Learn the terms now, so you can understand important conversations later.

The way students with learning differences need to be taught can be quite different than the way many schools typically teach. Understanding the strategies that work best can make you a better advocate for a child with dyslexia.

If your child is already receiving great instruction, this course will help you understand the strategies they use so you can help with reading and spelling tasks at home.

Who is this course for?
  • Those starting their dyslexia journey
  • Parents who want to help their children succeed
  • General education teachers who want to understand their dyslexic students
  • Tutors who want to learn new strategies

This course is NOT for those who already have a strong understanding of dyslexia and IDA-accredited reading programs.

Meet Lisa Parnello, M.Ed.

Lisa Parnello is a dyslexia therapist and CEO of Parnello Education Services. She has over 15 years of experience including both public school, and private schools, with a primary focus on students with learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and high-functioning autism. She started her career teaching general education students and discovered her heart was set on helping the children who struggled the most.

She earned her M.Ed. in special education and has since dedicated her life to helping the most struggling learners. She is a certified Wilson Dyslexia Therapist and a Wilson Credentialed Trainer. She is also the host of the Dyslexia Devoted podcast. Lisa served as the Lower School Director of Sand Hill School at CHC in Palo Alto. She trains and guides teachers as they develop into successful special education instructors including mentoring teachers and instructional coaching.

What's Included?

This course includes 5 Modules and a Course Handbook:

  1. Understand Learning Differences
  2. Dyslexia Deep Dive
  3. Structured Literacy and How It Works
  4. Comprehension
  5. How to Help Your Child with Dyslexia

That's not all!

There are 27 videos that lead you to a better understanding of dyslexia and how to help your child be successful!

Understand the Features of Dyslexia and Special Education Terminology

You will gain a basic understanding of the most common learning differences and terms you may commonly hear in school discussions. You will also learn new facts about dyslexia you didn't already know.

Understand How Dyslexic Kids Learn to Read

This course provides an easy-to-understand overview of the most commonly used strategies for teaching students with learning differences how to read and spell.

Know How to Help Your Child with Dyslexia Succeed!

You can use the knowledge you gain from this course to help your child at home and advocate for their education at school


"Such a fabulous resource and many "ah ha" moments!"

-Mom of a 4th Grader with Dyslexia

“Lisa Parnello is nothing short of amazing! My dyslexic child could not read at all when she started working with Lisa after first grade and the situation felt hopeless. She is now testing above grade level in reading and it is all due to Lisa’s patience, expertise, and knack for getting the best out of kids. We could not recommend Lisa more highly.” 

-Mom of 6th grader

This course is closed for enrollment.